BOS Fall Album Art

B.O.S. Fall 2021 Featuring

The Long Seasons

Monroe County Indiana’s own present their brand of honky tonk Americana reminiscent of the Drive By Truckers. This four piece featuring two distinctive lead singers who switch off on bass and telecaster, is complemented by acoustic guitar and harmonica overtones.

The Bengebrakers

Out of Crawfordsville Indiana comes the epic songwriting of Zach Benge set to the groove of a phenomenal rhythm section featuring drummer Jared Stonebraker and bass man Aaron Murphy. Indy rock feels like a trance-jam while Benge electrocutes his amp via melodic lead guitar riffs and solos that remind us of The Experience.

The Rainwater 4

Rainwater Studios’s own Kenan Rainwater fronts the fourth incarnation of his band which brings new energy and dynamics to his songwriting and selection. Powerhouse instrumentation and backing vocals conspire to create a brand of Brown County rock ’n’ roll that feels a little like country and a lot like home to natives of south central Indiana.

Summer Album

B.O.S. Summer 2021 Featuring

Miah Ferran

Confident and clear eyed, Miah Ferran walked into Rainwater Studios and delivered a smooth and beautiful performance. She is a premiere Indiana artist and a credit to the entire scene.

  • Live on The Stream: May 26, 2021

Scott D. See

Scott writes with a keen sense of imagery and delivers his stories with a grit and style reminiscent of the rock of our youth. Though legally blind Scott sees the world more clearly than most of us and has instigated a number of relationships for us for which we will be ever thankful.

  • Live on The Stream: June 30, 2021

Zac Bradford

Zac has the trifecta of musicianship: soulful lyrics, smooth and passionate vocals, and solid guitar work. Some say he could build an entire career just on his song Angeline.

  • Live on The Stream: July 21, 2021

Annabel Whitledge

Annabel is the youngest artist to have graced the studio but she is definitely not the least talented. She brings that talent to the stage along with a confidence that belies her young age. Check her outstanding videos out online and follow her burgeoning career.

  • Live on The Stream: June 23, 2021

Russ Baum

Russ is one of the hardest working musicians in the business. He plays live around the region and the country solo, duo, and with his band the Meager Kings. He also hosts a morning show, On The Rise, that started during the pandemic and has persisted through over seventy episodes since partnering with Kenan Rainwater at Rainwater Studios.

  • Live on The Stream: May 19, 2021

Chris Wolf

Chris is one of the most entertaining performers in the region. His poignant blend of humor and serious life commentary give his albums and his shows a unique appeal. He should already be featured on Bob and Tom and with any luck he will be soon.

  • Live on The Stream: June 30, 2021

Heather White & Barry Elkins

Heather and her father Barry are Brown County through and through. Their family descends from the original Elkins family who were among the first pioneers in the county. Heather comes by her musicianship honestly and received a dose of songwriting talent along with it.

  • Live on The Stream: June 16, 2021

Zach Benge

Zach incorporates a rare depth of understanding into his writing. Admittedly somber reflections of his own life manifest in songs of recovery, introspection, and struggle. Similar to the afore mentioned Zac, Zach has the trifecta of musicianship which allows him to front the three piece power trio The Bengebrakers.

  • Live on The Stream: July 21, 2021

Kalob Baker

Kalob is an accomplished singer/songwriter and band front-man. His work with the band Split Rail has put him in front of audiences of thousands. Opening for Travis Tritt, Afroman, and David Allen Coe as well as contributing to multiple albums are on his list of accolades. He is great with a full band and we are sure you will fall in love with him during his solo performance here today.

  • Live on The Stream: August 11, 2021

Zoë Tucker

A free spirit who enjoys the simple things in life, she finds happiness in a hammock while enjoying nature’s bounty. Music pours out of her soul sweetly like the juice from a ripe melon. Watch out for the Jambulance on the highways and byways of America because Zoe is chasing the wind and making music all across the country.

  • Live on The Stream: July 28, 2021

The Wallens

The Wallens have made music their business, sharing in its creation and delivery. It springs from a love of people and a love of each other as abundant as the smiles they carry across the nation. Their music is true and well-crafted, leaving us wondering…where will we see them next?

  • Live on The Stream: June 23, 2021
Spring Album

B.O.S. Spring 2021 Featuring

Brad Lemmons

Hailing from southern Indiana, Brad was introduced to us by Rich Hardesty. His smooth vocals and country styling delivers a feel-good sound that is perfect for kicking off our Spring album. (Mandi made a triumphant family montage set to it.)

  • Live on The Stream:
    April 20, 2021

Jacob Lafever

Jacob Lafever was introduced to us by Haley Jonay on a magical April evening. His rich, soulful sound captivates us and is a big hit with the patrons of the studio. Jacob comes to us from nearby Indianapolis, but his song Local Honey will appeal to regional apiarists and global music enthusiasts alike.

  • Live on The Stream:
    April 7, 20201

Amanda & Brian Webb

Amanda Webb is a classically trained vocalist who met her husband Brian at the Indiana University School of Music. Amanda’s powerfully expressive vocals and masterful piano are perfectly complemented by Brian’s smooth lead guitar. Amanda loves eggs but is growing weary of chickens in her flowerbeds.

  • Live on The Stream:
    May 5, 2021

Dakota Curtis

Dakota Curtis has been featured on The Stream numerous times, and even inspired “Dakota Curtis Month” at Rainwater Studios in January 2019. Curtis delivers masterful lyrics and captivating songwriting that has inspired many covers. (His songs account for a large portion of fanboy Kenan’s personal repertoire.)

  • Live on The Stream:
    March 17, 2021

Kristopher Garner

Kristopher returned to The Stream in 2021 for his second appearance. His humble spirit and engaging lyrics were a perfect fit for our compilation. We’re not sure if Kris knows how good he is. Be sure to tell him for us. We love this guy!

  • Live on The Stream:
    April 14, 2021

Haley Jonay

Haley Jonay wrote her first song at 7 and has been releasing music since the age of 16. Her music artfully blends pop and folk stylings for a sound that’s all her own. She is so awesome she even covered local heroes The Cox Brothers on her debut album. How cool is that?

  • Live on The Stream:
    April 7, 2021

Taylor Hernly

A master of patch pants and a friend to dogs everywhere, Taylor Hernly has spent time both at the soundboard and on the stage at Rainwater Studios. Hernly’s deep, unapologetic tunes can be found on the newly-released full-length album, Sidewalk Preacher. Summon up the Hounds on social media and join Taylor as he plays his heart out for fans across the Midwest and beyond!

  • Live on The Stream:
    April 14, 2017

Luke Powers

Originally from Louisville, KY, Luke Powers recently relocated just down the road from the studio. Whimsical yet philosophical, Luke underpins his lyrics and upbeat melodies with slick fills and leads. When not writing or performing, Luke occupies his time with custom woodworking and being weird on the internet.

  • Live on The Stream:
    March 24, 2021

Jeff + Jenna

Having recently relocated to Minnesota for luthier school, Jeff and Jenna were unable to join us for the showcase. However, their mesmerizing vocals can be found on the Spring BOS album which caught their last performance as “Jeff + Jenna.” The Stream from whence it was captured occurred on the Wednesday before they were wed in Story, Indiana.

  • Live on The Stream:
    May 12, 2021

B.O.S. Winter 2021 Featuring

Tay Bronson

Formerly of renowned Indiana band Push Down and Turn, Tay now performs and records as a solo artist. He also hosts a writers in the round and is active in the music community.

  • Live on The Stream: February 10, 2021

Kenan Rainwater

Formerly of The Indiana Boys, Kenan Rainwater Band, and RAINWATER, Kenan now performs and records solo and with Morgan County-based band Split Rail. He also owns and operates Rainwater Studios.

  • Live on The Stream: January 10, 2021

Lexi Len

Lexi Len performs as a duo and with her band, Lexi Len And The Strangers. Her most recent album, which is self-titled, can be found on all the major streaming platforms.

  • Live on The Stream: February 24, 2021

Jason Blankenship

Jason performs and records as a solo artist and with the Blankenship Band. He says his main gig is as a lead guitarist and band leader for the JC Clements Band. Jason is part of a strong family musical tradition. He hosts a writers in the round and is active in the music community.

  • Live on The Stream: January 20, 2021

Michael Moulder

Michael has assembled seven original tracks for his upcoming debut album, recorded at Rainwater Studios. He resides in Hope, Indiana.

  • Live on The Stream: February 3, 2021

Eric Hamblen

Eric usually performs with his band South of 44, but he made an exception for The Stream. A prolific songwriter, Eric also volunteers as a sound technician at Rainwater Studios. On Monday evenings, he hosts a podcast called Will Dance for Biscuits and Gravy, which is dedicated to promoting local businesses.

  • Live on The Stream: January 27, 2021

Steve Plessinger

Steve performs in many formats and previously fronted and recorded with the band Warm Bloods, based out of Bloomington, Indiana. His upcoming solo album will be released July, 2021.

  • Live on The Stream: January 20, 2021

Steve Hickman

Earlier this year, Steve released Moral Dilemma, an album featuring 16 of his original songs. He typically performs solo and occasionally with accompaniment by violin player Marina Stant.

  • Live on The Stream: February 3, 2021

Matthew Marcelle

Matthew performs solo and in the family jam band The Rodney Boys. He is taking a bicycle tour of Southern Indiana this spring and summer, playing alongside other local artists at various stops along the way. The tour includes several artists previously featured on The Stream including Steve Plessinger, Chris Wolf, Kristopher Garner, and The Hammer & The Hatchet.

  • Live on The Stream: February 10, 2021

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