Live Fridays at 8 p.m.

Every Friday at 8 p.m. EST, we air The Stream from Rainwater Studios on Facebook and YouTube.

This weekly showcase features performers from throughout Southern Indiana and the surrounding areas. Artists who deliver the best live performances on The Stream are featured in our showcases at The Brown County Playhouse.

In addition to our public live stream, we also air The Boundary Waters, a private stream where our artists participate in never-before-seen collaborations. These streams are accessible only to our patrons and take place after the public stream.

Getting Involved

At Rainwater Studios, we’re spearheading a musical revolution where fans, patrons, supporters, and volunteers actively curate content for our platform.

Our fans and followers are the reason we stream live every Wednesday night. You can help support The Stream from Rainwater Studios by tuning in, sharing the content, and letting us know who you love.

Do you have a favorite local artist who hasn’t been on The Stream yet? We want your recommendations! The best artists are referred to us by their fans, so contact us and let us know who you want to see. 

Each week, we feature up to three different artists. Our Winter quarter was reserved exclusively for solo singer/songwriters. This Spring, we’re featuring both solos and duos. Our Summer quarter, which begins May 19, is open to solos, duos, and trios. 

If you’re interested in performing on The Stream or you already have a date booked with us, you can find more details on what to expect at the link below.

Our patrons gain access to exclusive content from The Stream that’s never aired to the public. With a monthly contribution of as little as $5 a month, you can become an active part of our mission to curate Music By The People. Patrons at every tier are added to our private Facebook group where we post two addition streams every Wednesday night. At higher tiers, you can get special merchandise, participate in meetings with the Rainwater Studios team, and even attend The Stream in person. Visit our Patreon page below to check out all the options.